We stopped calling our Sélection "Sélection" in 2009, changing the name to "Disobedience" in honour of H.D. Thoreau. Why? Because it is a Fendant going against all current academic opinions of what constitutes a good wine. Fermented on the skins with natural yeasts, aged in wooden barrels, unfiltered and without added sulphites.
Disobedience does not always lead to new insights, but new insights are always the result of disobedience.



@diamondsommelier certainly has a talent of finding great wines. But when it comes to #OrangeWine she’s given me the best I ever tasted. This #Mythopia Disobedience is a wine from the #Valais Region in Switzerland. It’s made from 100% Fendant ( #Chasselas ) and sees 35 days on skins and two years in barrel. It’s an amazingly pure tasting wine that’s incredibly elegant. This is to #SkinContact wines what Château Rayas is to Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It has every positive quality associated with skin contact wines and zero negative. If you’re looking for funky and quirky characteristics go someplace else. This is for those that want clean and beautifully sculptured enjoyment. Another outstanding wine found @urbanuncorked

Mythopia - natural wines made from pure grapes with the music of wild bees and the mania of it's growers