Shining 2009


Edouard Thorens (@winestache, Tasted on June 19th 2020)

Some wines are impossible to categorize, to put in a box. Out of the many Mythopia wines that I've been lucky enough to try, Shining leaves you particularly lost.

Pour yourself a glass, take a minute to look at the color, a beautifully warm, and shining, dark orange – not your usual Pinot Noir shade for sure. But then again, it's not about anything 'usual' with this wine.

The nose will almost undoubtedly remind you of a Sherry, nutty, salty, enriched by the southern sun. Too warm to be Vin Jaune, too fruity to be Cognac, although it sits somewhere there in the middle.

The wine displays deep fruity notes of raspberries and maraschino cherries; you'll feel the juice's extraordinary energy with every sip, underlined by a salty punch and some minerality only the Alps can transmit into the grapes.

A meditative wine, a wine to remember, a wine to think and wonder. How was the summer of 2009? How were all the summers ever since, during which the wine kept aging and evolving? Take another look, another sniff, another sip; you've got it all in your glass, the testimony of that decade up there in the Swiss Alps.

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