Blue Velvet 2018

Edouard Thorens (@winestache, Tasted on June 19th 2020):

The first time I tried this wine, blind, down in the cellar high-up in Arbaz, I had a hard time believing this could be made only from grapes. The fruit was so explosive, so fresh, so present on the nose; there had to be other berries involved. Hans-Peter and Romaine had done it before, with T&T adding 50% aronia berries. I figured they might as well have just thrown a bunch of blue- and blackberries in the ferment this time around… but no. This was 100% Pinot Noir. Fresh, heroic, alpine, Pinot Noir, that is.

As I’m trying the wine again, the fruity notes remind me of late summer. A whole basket of fruits seem to jump out of the glass as you sniff again, and fresh minty, lovage notes make up for the complex balance.

On the palate, the wine holds the freshness of crisp mountain water, it’s clean, long, and has quite a velvety touch indeed. It ain’t light though, the wine has got power, depth, and magnitude, but in the most juicy form ever. It’s hard to resist a second serve. Sip after sip, you feel the wine, alive, flowing into your body and soul, just as that mountain brook flows through the vineyard, caressing the herbs and plants. Nature has gone full circle.


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