wild geboren



Born wild does not mean, never tamed. But even tamed, wild born it will be and stay as ulterior promiss of being unrestricted. The explosion is only withheld by some alleged compromise. Kindness may become an easy habit. Always better than complete surrender. Testing, learning the free margin in between the petty constrictions. Wild becomes subtle. Tasting freedom without expressing it. Ok, self-delusion is always a low hanging ladder from the windowsill. He threw it down, balancing rather in limbo. Not tasting this damned wine, god forgive, but drink from the bottle, enjoy it till the last sip before uncorking the next.


"Wild Geboren (Born wild), a Chasselas with one whole year of carbonic maceration and four years in larch pine barrels, bottled unfiltered, just blew my mind. This wine feels like a walk in the forest on a sunny autumn day, you get the pine needles smell, the freshness and the energy of the trees and that vibrant ray of the sun on your cold shins." - The WineStache

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