Pinot Noir 2016

We give thousand reasons to explain what we do. Without Illusion we wouldn’t succeed in anything. We imagine the world to make her fit to the image that suits our façon d’être. Illusion is what makes us wish to stay alive. And if it’s that then it is better to stay ahead of yourself drinking a good wine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an illusion or only real, as long as you believe it.


Illusion at The International Pinot Noir Tasting NZ 2017:

Sweet, malty and a bit spicy with some earthy hints. Tastes quite natural with lively, slightly lifted acidity and some notes of tea leaves and herbs. Grippy tannins on the finish. Thought-provoking and natural, and flirting with funkiness. (Jamie Goode)


More recently, and perhaps more dramatically, the latest aesthetic system has been the emergence of natural wine. Natural wines are judged very differently to the established norms for fine wine. The standard of greatness in natural wine doesn’t overlap so much with the established aesthetic systems, and it is fascinating to see some of the discourse that has emerged from this clash of systems. (wineanorak)

Mythopia - natural wines made from pure grapes with the music of wild bees and the mania of it's growers