Assemblage autochtone 2016


Jadis (franz.: yore) is a blend of two native grapes: Fendant and Reze. Grown on the ancient dry-stone wall terraces of Mythopia, our vines are surrounded by flowers and grasses, wild bees and butterflies, quince and almonds. Ripe low yields of 30 to 35 hl awakens the subtleties and character of each of these heirloom varieties.

A wine for the whole evening. Dewy, florid and still a bit restless shortly after opening the bottle, Jadis acquires aromatic amplitude and volume with every hour, carried by fine minerals deep into the night. Like an old Wallisian grower who sat silently in the sun at length and suddenly raises the plough and chants with a warm voice the old songs from over the mountains.

Mythopia - natural wines made from pure grapes with the music of wild bees and the mania of it's growers